Monday, May 21, 2012

Workshop "Hope-Follies" or "Structures for Hope" DESIGN WEEK Workshop in the EMU, Faculty of Architecture, 16-18 MAY 2012 / BERİL ÖZMEN MAYER, ASLI KIYAK İNGİN & HURİYE GÜRDALLI

The daily needs of residences, which reflected to informal housing settings in the borderlines of Gazimağusa, is worthwhile to explore architecturally. Especially, Aşağı Maraş’ district has still kept beautiful modernist houses from the earlier period, however, it has remained partly unattended and lacking with facilities in the last decades due to dramatic cut of Maraş, the Ghost City from the main city beyond the border. This change has affected the place and the people and caused a chaotic development in different quarters due to displacement, migration and unrecognition. 

Thus, Structures For Hope which are dedicated to inhabitants of those neglected areas, correspond with basic socializing needs as a first step for a hopeful development are aimed to create in this workshop

Hope-Follies attracts attention as well as provides simple but touchy facilities in the junctures of the neigbourhood in a participatory manner of with its inhabitants.

Outcomes & Practices:
Discussion / interpretation / proposals / design decisions / on the design intervention through participative actions
Any media presentation: a booklet / an exhibition / photo-montages / films
Modelling & Realization: scale from 1/200 up to 1/1 in the selected urban spots

Periods of Study: starts 16th may in the afternoon- finishes at noon, 18th may2 half and 1 full total 2 days
Number Students: maximum 20 -25
-Speaking the local language is needed from at least few students to communicate with the local inhabitants in the participative process

Workshop Materials:

* Sketch papers, pencils, colouring pencils/ rolled white papers (20 meters) / cardboards and suitable waste material from homes can be used as modeling of hope-follies
* Structural material (preferably used construction material) for making ‘one-to-one model’ or a real application of at least one “Hope-folly” such as strings, cloths and wooden or metal pieces for structure elements.
* Cameras to records actions and practices

Special concern: 

Live application in the site: Şehit Zeki Salih Primary School, at the last day, 18th May in the morning from the end..

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